Artesana is a small production, ultra-premium estate winery in the acclaimed Canelones region of Uruguay specializing in Tannat, Tannat blends and Zinfandel, the only Zinfandel produced in Uruguay. Made with the highest quality estate-grown fruit, Artesana’s iconic wines showcase Uruguay’s distinctive terroir and its signature varietal Tannat.


Uruguay is a country of small-scale, family-owned wineries with a European winemaking tradition. Its coastal Atlantic climate is often compared to Bordeaux’s producing wines with well-balanced levels of alcohol and acidity.


Uruguay sits between the 30th and 35th parallels in line with Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Winemaking began in the 18th century when the Spanish brought vines to the region. With approximately 3,000 growers and 225 wineries, Uruguay produces 10 million cases annually from its 22,000 acres of vines.


Uruguay is considered one of the greenest and most environmentally sustainable countries in the world ranking third after Norway and Finland on the 2005 Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI). Uruguay’s water is the purest on the continent and by government decree, all beef is certified organic.

Sales & Tourism

Artesana wines are sold in select shops and restaurants in Uruguay, Brazil, the US, Canada and Europe. The winery is open to the public and offers tastings, tours, and lunches.


Artesana is located on an 80-acre estate in Las Brujas in the Canelones region, 30 miles north of Uruguay’s seaside capital of Montevideo. Canelones is the premier winegrowing region in Uruguay and home to the majority of the country’s vineyards. Ocean breezes keep the vines well ventilated and the combination of well-drained soils and 220 days of intense sunshine annually produces growing conditions similar to France’s Bordeaux region.

Michael Schachner, Wine Enthusiast

“Artesana’s Tannat is dark, extracted and full in body and flavors.”

John Mariani, Huffington Post

“Artesana’s Tannat could easily go head-to-head with even some of the famous labels of California cabernets of much higher price.”

Dave Mcintyre, Washington Post

Artesana’s Tannat-Merlot-Zinfandel is probably the best wine I’ve tasted from Uruguay”
(Excellent +)